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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

National Debt clock

Right now:


$28,500 per person, at the moment.


Blogger Franklin Jefferson said...

FWIW the Bureau of Public Debt website is here:
and well worth reading.
Bureau of labor statistics keeps the inflation ("consumer price index") rate tables here:
Wikipedia also has a not bad article

Government accounting is hard to follow. Under Clinton,
the deficit (money out minus money in) was negative. Did the debt go down? That would look like a no brainer, but astonishingly, it depends on which government accounting practice you use, and most particularly, whether you are going adjust for inflation, and whether you are going to count the debt that the government owes TO ITSELF. It's a fascinating study, if you're fascinated by boring things.
This page discusses some of the accounting issues:

This page discusses nominal and real debt
(unfortunately the graph runs from 1861, and so it really compresses the last few decades-- that spike at the right side, just after the Clinton dip, is the G.W. Bush term).

This site will give you more graphs:

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