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Friday, March 16, 2007

Attorney General

What pisses me off about this news where the Department of Justice fired a bunch of US prosecutors is the lack of accountability. I don't know about the firings, politics, whether they were good prosecutors or what. What I do know is that they were fired by the Department of Justice, but the Attorney General-- the appointed head of the Department of Justice-- says he had nothing to do with it, he didn't know why they were fired, he wasn't involved.

What the heck??? Why are they paying him a salary if he claims he has nothing to do with running the Department?

What in the world is wrong with these guys? Everybody says that they don't know nothing about what's going on in their department, it's all underlings, they were out playing golf the whole time.

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Fire the bunch of them.


Saturday, March 03, 2007


Well, my business had gotten busy the last few months, and I haven't had much time to sit and look at the news. In any case, I'm somewhat at sevens and nines to know what to think about the new congress; I'm not thrilled about Democrats in general, but I'm like the checks and balances that come from the fact that Congress is from a different party than the president. So I'll be waiting with some amount of interest to see if the inherent liberalness of the Democrats will win out, or whether the end result will be a nice balance. Speaking of balance, I'm baffled to see that, after six years of humongous deficit spending, the President has suddenly come out in favor of balancing the budget. Wow. You hypocrite, you had six years with your own party in control, why wasn't it ever an issue then? But it is nice to see that, now that he has some opposition that will keep hand out of the candy jar, he's all of a sudden waking up to core Republican principles that he had forgotten.

Of course, his idea is to put together a plan to balance the budget... not now, but in the future... like, just as soon as somebody else is in office in 2012 (or look here)